Don't Say Poop!
The cover of the book features the title Don't Say Poop in a speech bubble coming from the embarrassed narrator's mouth. The small child, standing against a sky blue background, blushes as he is forced to say that dreadful word aloud. Three anthropomorphized poops dance on either side of him. They have excellent moves.
Everyone Poops meets The Book with No Pictures in this irresistibly naughty read-aloud. When you get the urge to say you-know-what, don't. DON'T SAY POOP!

Why say a vile word like poop when you could say humdrum bum crumbs, float-or-sinker, major stinker, sometimes mushy from your tushy, or smelly belly funky jelly. See how much nicer that is?

This silly book of tongue twisters will have kids doubled over as they learn some alternatives to their favorite potty words. Perfect for reading aloud, and for reading again and again!

Illustrated by the amazing Fred Blunt.


"As text by Matejek-Morris rollicks along, scratchy art by Blunt adds to the chaotically comic effect, reminding readers that bathroom humor and its ilk can be good clean fun." - Publishers Weekly

Out now from Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. Order now at: Or check it out at a library near you!