My Ex-Imaginary Friend
The cover of the book includes George, the imaginary friend, on an orange background. He has turquoise skin and walrus tusks, wears a top hat, and carries a pack of playing cards. The card on top is the Jack of Hearts and features a silhouette of protagonist Jack, running. The title My Ex-Imaginary Friend is written across the top and additional playing cards flutter around behind him.
Jack hasn't seen his imaginary friend George since his tenth birthday, almost a year ago.

His mom figures Jack simply outgrew George, but Jack suspects that George left of his own accord—just like Jack's dad. Then Jack's mom takes off too, dumping Jack with his aunt, uncle, and step-cousins, telling Jack she "needs a break." Jack decides that he needs his ex-best friend back. Only George can help him figure out where people go when others stop believing in them—and how Jack can put his family back together.

Meanwhile, George—half-walrus, half-human—has a problem of his own: he is slowly disappearing, one limb at a time. He hopes that making a new friend will reverse the process, but no one except Jack has ever been able to see him. Rejoining Jack seems like his only hope for survival until George discovers new powers that lead him and Jack on a new adventure—one that neither of them ever imagined.

Covert art by the talented Tania Rex.

On shelves February 2, 2021 from Carolrhoda Books. Preorder now at: Or check it out at a library near you!